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Donny Grubb is an Arizona musician who has been entertaining crowds with a blend of country and roots rock infused with a furious guitar style. With many years of experience in the music industry, Donny has performed all across the US and Canada and has a loyal fan base. He is known for his energetic and dynamic performances that leave audiences wanting more.

Donny Grubb's unique sound is a result of his passion for music and his diverse influences. He has a deep appreciation for traditional country music as well as classic rock and Americana, and he infuses these styles with his own unique twist. Donny is also an accomplished songwriter and session musician that can be heard on records from artists from all over the country demonstrating a testament to his talent and creativity.
If you're looking for an unforgettable musical experience, look no further than Donny Grubb. Book him for your next event and experience the magic of his music and personality firsthand.

Born in 1978 and coming from the small coal mining town of Rainelle West Virginia, Donny grew up utterly surrounded by the music of the hills. From the sounds of guitars on the porch, 45's on the turntable and hymns from Grandma in the kitchen, music was a central part of life. A tradition that Donny carries on to this day with a passion that can be heard in every performance.

Having made the move to Apache Junction Arizona at a young age, Donny spent his teenage years hanging out with the musical veterans of the valley and learning from many of the greats that were staples of the Arizona honky tonk scene. A community of highly diverse and recognizable names that were influential in Donny's desire to carry on the honky tonk tradition.

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